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Default Re: Stories, Movies and Music to set the mood.

Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
I remember Damnation Alley in the theatre. I thought it was an okay post apoc film, but it doesn't put me in the Car Wars mood. An interesting movie all the same.
Please read the short story or the novela. They're a little less technicolor monster and a little more character. Plus there are some scenes in the novela that I think are much more in tune with Car Wars. I've read and watched them so often that I have a gestalt going on in my head.

A lot of people love to call out Mad Max when they talk about Car Wars, but to me only the first Mad Max movie relates to the kind of Car Wars I like. I LOVE all the Mad max movies, but they're more Post Apoc than my vision of Car Wars.

To me the Jason Statham version of Death Race is much closer to Car Wars.
Not that it doesn't have it's own flaws too...
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