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I don't really have a campaign that stands out in my memory much. I remember my first one for it being a marked failure - one session, and I couldn't convince any of he players to try again. That discouraged me from GMing again for some years *shrug*

"My Old Campaign" (to the tune of My Old Flame, with apologies to Coslow and Johnston)

My old campaign
I can't even think of its name
But it's funny now and then
How my thoughts go running back again
To my old campaign
My old campaign
My new games all seem so lame
For I haven't played one since
As loved by the participants
As my old campaign
I've played in other people's games
With fascinating scenes
Or fascinating themes well-prepared
Some great, or so I declared
But those games others loved
Were only imitations of
My old campaign
I can't even think of its name
And I don't recall what I wrote
I must find those old typed up notes
Of my old campaign
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