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Default Re: GCA and Dungeon Fantasy RPG

The Standalone Draft here has been updated to work with a new draft file for Spells.

You can now download the new file for Spells, Dungeon Fantasy RPG - Spells Draft.gdf, from my OneDrive.

This will probably get integrated into the Standalone file later, but for now it is easier to deal with as a separate file.

The Spells Draft should be all the spells out of Dungeon Fantasy: Spells, without all the extra spells and whatnot from the previous files. I did not check for much of anything other than the actual spells, plus their colleges and prerequisites. Casting costs, durations, etc., are all just copied from older files, so those may be wrong.

Load it after the Standalone Draft.

This marks pretty much the end of my personal drive for DFRPG files. I'm just not going to have much time for it after this, and as I'm going to be coding a lot, I'm probably not going to want to switch gears to data entry and validation stuff, and will probably be working more on GCA5 again, instead, during what free time I can scrape together.

Please post here if you find problems or mistakes.

I hope someone else finds the time to do Gear, and validate the stuff I could not get to. (Pretty please.)
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