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Default Re: Pyramid articles I'd like to see.

Originally Posted by JaymanKC View Post

Kromm’s Guide to Everything
A Good Boulevardier
1 part rye whisky¹
1 part Campari²
1 part red vermouth³
Build the drink over ice in the old fashioned glass in which it will be served. Some recipes call for stirring with ice and then straining over more ice. That's too much dilution. This drink is supposed to be strong, and you sip it forever, so the ice in the glass will dilute it plenty. If you want the drink to be super cold, stir it after you build it.

Garnish with an orange twist. Preferably a generous one from a very fresh, firm orange. The orange oil is a crucial ingredient of its own.

  1. Yes, rye – not bourbon. Nothing wrong with bourbon, but rye gives a spicier drink. I prefer Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye.
  2. Accept no substitutes. This is really a Campari drink, not a whisky drink.
  3. I'm partial to Carpano Antica Formula. Keep the ****** bottle in the ****** fridge once it's opened. Nothing makes for an ickier drink than manky vermouth.
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