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Originally Posted by ColBosch View Post
Hear, hear! Using a similar technique to yours, I was able to knock out two full copies of Ogre Miniatures Set 1 in about three weeks. I was only painting one or two days a week, and only for a couple of hours each day, so while I didn't time myself I think it was about eight to ten hours total. I will definitely be adopting some of your methods to speed through my burgeoning collection.

For reference, my technique (based on the Army Painter method):

1. Clean up and assemble models.
2. Spray with a colored primer
3. Wash with appropriate ink
4. Drybrush with the color that matches the primer
5. Drybrush again, with that color mixed 50/50 with white
6. Add details: usually just black, but sometimes a couple others

I don't usually seal, but I really should.
I saw some of your minis via a link in another thread - gorgeous.

Your method should be very quick as well. The Army Painter primers are a godsend for folks who don’t want to mess with an airbrush. The fact that each spray primer has a perfectly matching brush paint is especially nice. I have some Vallejo colored primers that I’m anxious to try out; I may do it on a batch of Ogre minis I’m about to paint.

I don’t dry brush much anymore; I use the airbrush to achieve a similar effect.

I’ve used the Army Painter matte coat; it’s really good. I strongly urge you to seal your minis. The ink wash will likely wear off with repeated handling. My “magic wash” uses Future Floor Wax as its base. That stuff is bulletproof when it dries. Though it dries glossy and has to be sprayed with matte.

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