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Default Re: Seeking build advice: Modern conspiracy character creation

Originally Posted by DataPacRat View Post
I'm pretty sure that this isn't how "Preparation Required" is supposed to work in the first place, so if anyone who's spent more time reading on Limitations can suggest a better build, I'm open to suggestions.
You're right, Preparation Required isn't appropriate here, since Preparation Required actually requires the character to be spending the time doing the preparation.

I'd just call it a new limitation for Extra Life, "Delayed Return". I think Extra Life already assumes that there's some delay between your "death" and return - at least long enough for your enemies to go "Well, they must be dead" and leave - but a longer delay definitely seems like a limitation. I'd say that a guaranteed delay of 1 day would be -10%, a week -20%, a month -30%, three months -40%, six months -50%, a year -60%, two years -70%, and three years or more -80%.
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