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Default Re: Seeking build advice: Modern conspiracy character creation

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
This Advantage will only be useful if the campaign lasts 20+ years with those limitations. Campaigns rarely cover 20+ years of in universe time. So I wouldn't bother with this one myself.
Those particular Limitations are a bit fuzzy, meant to describe real-world cryonics, which has an uncertain chance of success and an uncertain date of payoff. It's mostly in the charsheet as background colour, a side-effect of the "Bayesian Techniques" training group - looked at another way, it's the Unusual Background cost for this mostly-non-cinematic character to get Common Sense, Intuition and Oracle. (With an off-chance of forming the basis of jumping campaigns into a more science-fiction setting. :) )

I'm pretty sure that this isn't how "Preparation Required" is supposed to work in the first place, so if anyone who's spent more time reading on Limitations can suggest a better build, I'm open to suggestions.

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Ordinary people you know aren't Contacts, at best they are the Friend perk, but even that is usually overkill. You can assume that any given character has existing relationships with ordinary NPCs.
Fair enough, though I think I'm going to keep the new furry fandom couch-crashing Claim to Hospitality, as soon as I figure out how to decide how many points it'd be worth.
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