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Default Re: Seeking build advice: Modern conspiracy character creation

It's been pointed out to me that even a loner character like this should still have some Contacts, even if he doesn't have any Allies or Patrons. I've been thinking about Contact Groups, and am wondering how these would best be built:

Contact Group: "Online Gaming Forums", (eg, SpaceBattles, certain subreddits, here): Good at fielding hypothetical "if monster X is vulnerable to Y, have you tried Y2 instead of Z?" questions. Maybe build this as a Talent's skill-bonus with "extra time" and "needs access to net" Limitations? Or is this what Contact Group is for in the first place?

"Furry Fandom": A friendly bunch: a small Claim to Hospitality for couch-crashing could work.

"Fan Cons": Reading 'Contact Group', it only mentions getting info; do Contact Groups also work like Contacts in getting favours, like getting access to people who know how to build randomly-weird items?
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