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Default Pistol Shotguns

I have a character who is a felinoid - descended from snow leopards. He is from the 1700s or so, and has been using a pair of flintlock pistols - the old-style wide wooden grips seem really suited to this kind of character, as snow leopards have large paws (and the character has Ham-Fisted, as a result).

Transported to the present, flintlock pistols are out of style and pretty useless in modern firefights (unless you have a dozen of them and someone to reload for you). So, he needs to transition to a new weapon, and I was thinking the most applicable modern analogue for his flintlocks would be a pistol-grip sawn-off shotgun. A pair of those would be terrifying in the right hands.

However, I am having some trouble figuring out the appropriate skills. Should I continue using Guns (Pistol) skill, with familiarity penalties for Black Powder to Cased Ammo et al.? Or should I learn Guns (Shotgun) because he is now using shotguns, even though they are pistol-style shotguns? Or should I even perhaps learn Guns (Musket) because I intend for him to be shooting slugs, rather than shot, and Guns (Musket) says:

Musket: Any kind of smoothbore long arm (usually, but not always, a black powder weapon) that fires a solid projectile.

That sounds like the description of a slug-firing shotgun to me.

Advice, please?
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