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Originally Posted by Rasna View Post
I think Ability at DX+2 for primary skills should qualify for soldiers with good training but without much experience. Veterans should have their primary weapon skill at DX+3 or even DX+4 for elite corps like English Bowmen and Varangian Guards. Skill at DX+5 or DX+6 only for very hardened veterans and weapon masters.

ST 12-13 as average for Spartans and Legionnaires seems too high. The average soldier would have ST 10-11 with +1 or +2 Lifting ST.
ST 12 is more appropriate for units like Doppelsoldners, Varangians, Grenadiers and Cuirassiers.
I disagree that ST12 is too high for an average Legionnaire or Spartan soldier. You are talking about two types of professional soldiers in an era that specifically required strength as key to weapon use. While I am less familiar with the specific Spartan training methods (it has been a while since I read about them, so the details are a bit foggy), I do know that they were intense and started at a young age. As for the Legionnaires, we know they specifically trained both strength and endurance intensively. ST12 is not that ridiculous, I was at least ST12 as a football player in High School judging by the lifting definitions of GURPS ST, and that was in explosive, fast lifts.
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