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Default Re: [Basic] Realistic Low Tech Challengers

Originally Posted by A Ladder View Post
From what I gathered in my research (though admittedly not very thorough) was that the elite guard were limited to the Garde du corps, Gardes suisses, and the dragoons (the cavalry branch). This left the rest of the musketeers of the guard open to the lower class (and to what I could tell) not the best fighters. I will note that I don't actually know what I'm talking about, just what I picked up in reading about them.
It looks like I will need to add a Garde du Corps as an elite version (ST 11, DX 11) and give them riding. Though missing the soldier skill is a glaring oversight. I'll go back and add that and update with fast draw ammo.

Did the musketeers that were cavalry use a specific mounted weapon, or just stick to their muskets?

I did see that the Swiss Pikemen were rather fierce-some, I'll go and add a Man at Arms to cover them.
I'd completely separate the musketeers of the guard from classic musketeers: the royal guard is a bunch of (ambitious) young nobles getting safe military service before moving onto better things, like captainships. They may receive nominal or even good training with the musket, but their main training is that of the nobility of the time: fencing and horseback riding are a result of the segment of the population from which they are drawn, not of any military drill.

Cavalry that uses ball and shot is not considered a musketeer, but pistol cavalry (and proper cavalry). Dragoons are troops that dismount to fight: any soldier called a musketeer that rode a horse into battle would be a dragoon. Its like the difference between an armor column and mechanized infantry.

Most Musket troops of the age (and everyone used them, not just the french -- the Spanish and Swedish were renowned for their musket troops) would not know how to ride, and their sword play would be quite indifferent, but they would actually treat the musket as their primary weapon, unlike the king's guard.

I hope this helps.

Also, Men at arms and swiss pike are very different.

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