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Q: Exactly what sorts of healing are and aren't allowed for characters with Unhealing?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
The limitations on regaining HP are these:

Either Level
  • Supernatural healing – healing potions and spells, psionic healing, the Healing advantage, etc. – works normally on you.
  • Gross technological repair with a skill like Mechanic or Surgery (depending on what kind of being you are) works normally on you.
  • Natural healing is limited:

    1. No daily HT rolls to recover lost HP – meaning that things that merely accelerate this process rather than restore HP directly and on their own are also useless.
    2. No HP restored by using the First Aid or Physician skill to help the body recover from shock. Surgery only!
    3. You cannot have any level of Regeneration. Yes, for this purpose, Regeneration is considered "natural."
  • Restriction #1 is suspended when a rare condition is met. When that condition applies, you get daily HT rolls.
  • You can heal by stealing HP from others supernaturally, through means like the Leech advantage or the Steal Vitality spell; in effect, these are added to "supernatural healing" at this level.
  • Restriction #1 is never suspended. You never get daily HT rolls.
  • You cannot heal by stealing HP from others. "Stealing HP supernaturally" is treated as different from "being healed supernaturally" – the former doesn't work but the latter still does.

In short, Unhealing is essentially a restriction on whether you can make daily HT rolls to heal, get First Aid, have the Regeneration advantage, or steal HP. Neither level prohibits being healed via supernatural means (e.g., Healing spells) or extreme physical intervention (e.g., Surgery skill), both of which always work on everyone. Invent a new, higher level to forbid those as well.
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