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Default Re: [Martial Arts] Aquatic Styles: Sahuagin (Shark Men)

Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
I'd give the style being described here Judo and Wrestling in GURPS terms, as well as Karate with the option of the Biting Mastery Perk available immediately instead of subject to normal limits as it will be core to the style. Techniques are probably fairly minimal; the philosophy is that you just grapple, maneuver, (optional: apply locks, possibly break limbs), and then bite the problem until it goes away.
In game terms, when would you use Judo instead of Wrestling when fighting underwater?

Aside from better defences, which are moot because Karate can be used for defences anyway, Judo has two advantages over Wrestling that I can see. You can use Judo Throw, Sweep* and Trip without taking specific Perks for each of them. In a setting where being knocked down or otherwise rendered prone seems pretty meaningless, how does that work?

Is there anything that I am missing that would make Judo game-mechanically relevant to a character with Karate and Wrestling underwater?

*I think this defaults to Wrestling anyway as of Technical Grappling, but at a higher penalty than for Judo.
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