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Default Re: [Martial Arts] Aquatic Styles: Sahuagin (Shark Men)

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Feint / Ruse, especially based off IQ.
Oh, yes! His IQ is 17*, by far his highest Attribute.

Baron Ak'Zuma remembers in exacting details almost three centuries of underwater history and has a truly vast, if fragmentary, knowledge of surface ways, history, politics and warfare for those three centuries. Anyone expecting to treat with an unsophisticated bloodthirsty savage will be unpleasantly surprised... though not at any lack of thirst for blood.

*In setting, sahuagin are extremely intelligent, albeit alien and violently opposed to social change, medicine, most magic use and trade. This, combined with an environment that makes it very hard for them to match the technological advances of their less intelligent neighbours on the surface, has sufficed to keep them as hunters and raiders, though ones with a very regimented society conductive to the efficient deployment of military forces.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
I think Judo and wrestling moves that involve leveraging an opponents weight against them and falling/throwing would be pretty useless underwater.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
But I would give him say technique mastery in locks and holds to help his lower ST against Higher ST opponents. Because I'm guessing a sahuagin with a broken arm or leg suddenly has a tough time maintaining position in an aquatic environment.

sahuagin have tails as well as legs and arms IIRC, maybe allow tail breaks for similar effect
This argues for a very high Wrestling skill. Sumo Wrestling and Judo both seem contraindicated.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
If he does go with a weapon then go with armed grappling and joint / limb locks and breaks.
Since any dominance challenge has to be unarmed by the ancient sahuagin code, weapons would only be useful in hunting or warfare against non-sahuagin. I imagine he learned them in his youth, but once he had become more lethal than any sahuagin his size with red tooth and claw, he stopped bothering with them.

As an aside, Ak'Zuma is a wereshark. Unfortunately for him, taking shark or hybrid form is forbidden in a dominance challenge, which forces him to keep relying on the martial art style he developed while still a normal sahuagin. On the other hand, unfortunately for any non-sahuagin enemies Ak'Zuma should develop, ripping them to pieces while in shark or hybrid for is a perfectly honourable thing for a sahuagin Baron with the Blessing of Sekolah* to do on the hunt or in war.

*The notoriously fierce and ruthless shark god of the sahuagin.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Combos, because he's going to have to get in and pull his move off before he gets caught by an opponent with a higher ST
Very true. I've given him Extra Attack 1, to represent superior coordination of all limbs and bite attacks, and I expect he'll make heavy use of Rapid Strike to make multiple attacks.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Allow him TM on Break free as well to help with this if needed, and maybe some extra CP to escape opponents grappling with their bites and claws

If sahuagin don't already have it allow him Flexibility as an advantage based off his style (same rationale for the CP above)
Flexibility is a good point. As is Break Free.

The obvious counter to a skillful 'little guy'* is to grapple him with clawed arms and legs and tear him to pieces with bites. Ak'Zuma needs to be able to counter that, even if his challenger should happen to be one of the rare mutant four-armed sahuagin.

*Baron Ak'Zuma is 6'4" and weighs 250 lbs., with GURPS ST 20. He is small by the standards of the rulers of his race, who are generally centuries old and never stop growing. A typical Baron is well over seven feet and has ST 22-23. By age, Ak'Zuma should be able to challenge a sahuagin Prince for his position. Princes are 8'4"+ and have ST 25+.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Oh and Pressure points / Pressure secrets are always good for little guys facing big guys, especially if you tie it into the "when developing his unique style he used his greater intellect learing the weak spots of his oponents in order to use them against them" rationale
Good point. He will certainly have his own version of Pressure Points and mysterious secret five point kill moves that work on sahuagin (and maybe other races).

On the other hand, if you already have Sharp Claws for both hands and feet, what does the Pressure Secrets skill really give you in a game-mechanical sense?
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