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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (IC)

Originally Posted by Rocket Man View Post
Innerestin'... he muses. So, Wind at the tail, a one-man roundup workin' the aisle, and a gen-u-ine lady of dedication sittin' quiet. This'll be quite the trip.

If an opportunity arises to talk quietly with either Derek or the lady, Kane takes it. Otherwise, as the flight nears its end, he makes a trip to the restroom, nodding a "hello" to the lady as he passes. He tries to time things so that he can be nearby her when the plane lands, grabbing an empty seat nearby since there's no time to get back to his own -- they've already lit the seat belt sign and everything!

As the plane stops, he stands, stretches his lean frame and starts to step into the aisle -- then draws back, noticing he's "accidentally" stepped in the lady's path.

Kane tips his hat. "Beg your pardon, ma'am." He glances at the overhead bin. "Uh, like a hand with your bag? Least I can do after nearly treddin' on your toes."
Derek's a hardworking flight attendant (and you gave me a more interesting opening) so you won't be able to catch him for more than a coffee refill. The woman, however, clearly values her privacy. It takes the little 'accident' to get her attention.

"Thank you sir," she says coldly. Not so much annoyed-chilly as a pure lack of affection. "I didn't bring any bags this trip."
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