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Once the elevator doors open, Ida would find herself in a tidy office, tastefully decorated and buzzing with activity. The secretary is young, early to mid-20's, but smart and professional.
You'll notice that on one wall are articles about the company's history from various magazines. Prominently displayed is an article from a minor finance magazine entitled "Splitting Heirs". The subtitle reads "for every Paris Hilton frittering away the family fortune is a dozen young men and women defying the old adage and growing their legacies" Cut and framed from the magazine are two shots, a half page featuring a very flattering photograph of a young Asian man and a blurb about a Russian merger, crossreferencing the other page on the wall. In that page is a reasonably good looking Russian man about the same age, and a blurb identifying him as "Pavel Ivanov".
The pictures of the bank's owners, Ryukawa Watari and Vladimir Ivanov, suggest two very stern men.
The secretary notices Ida and addresses her with practiced friendliness. "Hello ma'am. How can we help you?"
Ida gives the secretary a broad smile "I'm Ida Harris, I'm a tech support consultant, I'm told that one Ryuki Watari might be interested in some technical assistance." She pulls a card out of a pocket and passes it to the secretary.

(the card is a standard business card, listing degrees in computer science and electrical engineering, a professional-style email address, and a phone number).
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