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Originally Posted by VincentUrsus View Post
I'm starting a Star Wars like game. One of my players would like his character to have a spaceship. It should have living quarters for six, be heavily armed, fast would be nice but it's not essential. It should also be able to turn into a 70ft tall giant robot.

My reaction was if he wanted to spend his character's money on that he could, but he'd better buy up wealth a lot.

Then he mentioned that it should have a built-in droid brain to help fly the thing.

This made me think that it should be made up as an ally rather than a piece of equipment.

However, this is a 200 point game, and a 70 foot giant robot is a bit more than I can squeeze out of the ally advantage's 150% upper limit.

Any advice on how best to handle this?

Equipment plus ally? Just equipment? Just ally? A patron?
I'd say either ally or patron, because that leaves the GM in control of its actions, which gives more 'hold', assuming you allow it at all. Whether patron or ally in this case would probably be something of a semantic difference, mostly based on the personality and origin and intentions of the machine.

If you do decide to allow the thing, you might 'restrain' it, that is, some of its features are either locked out for whatever reason, or need certain missing components to work, or something, leaving open the possibility of enabling them later if the point totals rise (that could also give hooks for character motivation, too).
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