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Default Intelligent Mecha

I'm starting a Star Wars like game. One of my players would like his character to have a spaceship. It should have living quarters for six, be heavily armed, fast would be nice but it's not essential. It should also be able to turn into a 70ft tall giant robot.

My reaction was if he wanted to spend his character's money on that he could, but he'd better buy up wealth a lot.

Then he mentioned that it should have a built-in droid brain to help fly the thing.

This made me think that it should be made up as an ally rather than a piece of equipment.

However, this is a 200 point game, and a 70 foot giant robot is a bit more than I can squeeze out of the ally advantage's 150% upper limit.

Any advice on how best to handle this?

Equipment plus ally? Just equipment? Just ally? A patron?
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