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The House on the Hill

Byron Smythe is the Impudite proprietor of the House on the Hill. It is a training facility for newly fledged demons to be acclimated to corporeal existance. Set in a wooded area in Canada, about 3 hours from Toronto, it sits in isolation, a rather grand Victorian establishment built by a lumber magnate, disguised as a bed and breakfast. A small town is nearby for field trips. A nearby clearing has suitable amounts of lumber for Calabim to work off their frustrations and entropy.

Smythe charges rather expensive prices for his services. However most of the alumni say it was worth it (The prince generally picks up the tab...but not always. Free Lilim can make their own arrangements) Understood is that he reserves the right to flunk anyone he deems unfit (This is not always practicable politically) Refunds are out of the question. Applicants have to have a rock solid identity or Role before being accepted. They take the roles of weekenders and guests at his establishment. The course of study generally runs about a month. Halfway in, humans are also allowed as guests to see how well the students are doing. Then trips to the local town. Graduation is a long weekend in Toronto.
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