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Originally Posted by JCD View Post
This would broadly expand the nature of the Role. It would involve defining it as specifically including cultural assimilation within it's provence. It also leads in some other interesting directions.
The description of what a Role includes, if you pay points for it, notes that you get the skill Being an X at a level equal to the Role level. That would probably cover cultural competence within the province of the Role. i would think that cultural competence outside the province of the role would be key. I'd expect Cultural quizzing within the Role to trap low-level Roles, but for higher level Roles, you'll want to look for broader integration. It's also a question of acting ability, of course. If Bob the Djinn just shrugs when you you ask about his mom, that pings as odd, but if he says something like "I don't want to talk about it," that's not too unusual for someone with an unpleasant history. You want to look for idiosyncrasies and quirks unrelated to the job. Hobbies, for example, are often unrelated to occupation; look at the variety of people on these boards for examples of that.
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