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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)

When/if the possable rope is in range Michael ties a knot at the end, Don't want to fall off, I hope this doesn't hurt. He then trys to start climbing.

In the meantime he decides to experiment with the dirt. The first experiment is if the dirt can float on its own, first above the rock, then tossing some off. The trick with off the rock is to see if gravity pulls it back to the center, and if so then a leaf is tried next. This could prove strides of research later on gravity. Provided it is gravity and not the dirt, or maybe something that interacts with the dirt. the bad taste still seems to linger on. Maybe a Cristal, like in that book by Jim Butcher. If he still has time he considers if there where plants on the side as well as he checks the strength of the bushes currently up, in case diging for such Cristal could turn him upside down.

Well performing the experiential ideas, almost as an after thought, he calls up to the object with a hole Maybe its for hearing Is anyone up there with a rope to let down!
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