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Originally Posted by Helborn View Post
I agree. RAW is badly written. I suggest. 1) Aimed penalties to DX. 2) Range max is 10 not 15 hexes. 3) Thrown range not missile range adjustments to DX.

Lassoing is HARD.
Helborn is right on target

Being a Lariat user myself in real life, the lasso in TFT really needs a little tweak.

If nothing else, than do it for game balance, like all Thrown Weapons the lasso is very much a ST weapon as it is a DX weapon, but as listed currently it's min. ST requirement is less than a bola or net.

ST is required to use it well, just like a war boomerang, you really want to snap out that coil hard and fast to hit your target, then snatch it back and hold tension on it (once again the ST game comes into play).

Even light weight weapons that are quick like nunchucks and quarterstaff have a higher ST requirement.

It is important to note that that 1d+2 damage is only strangulation, and only as valuable as the ST of the user, and very strong victim would just grab the lasso and pull it's user off it's feet.
So we're looking at a battle of brawn to maintain strangulation damage.

Also I think it needs to have a Thrown weapons range limit with appropriate penalties, it's not easy to even loop a standing post at 20' let alone a moving target.
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