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Have I understood the rules right that a lasso is only ST8 and does 1+2 damage with Missile range (3-15 hexes) or can trip people? The "reload" is long but with back up lassos that shouldn't be a problem. What's the catch so to speak?

All the other peculiar weapons seem to have drawbacks, either getting an aim penalty, limited range or more normal damage. Sure there is a GM approval thing (that I will use), but still. I have a very hard time seeing a weakling 15 hexes away being able to lasso you around the neck and immediately do damage to you at the level of a longbow?

I can see how you possibly could do that to a victim that is unaware, like an animal or on a guard from behind. But quickly strangling someone with even just a little armor ready for combat seems very over the top or cowboy romantic to me.
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