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Default Re: The Obligatory “How Did You Get Started in TFT” Thread

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
Thanks for sharing that! As a somehwat apples to apples comparison, the original SPI War in the Pacific cost about $60 (or about $180 in 2018 dollars) as I recall -- seven mapsheets plus 2000 counters. The "second edition" version, published by Decision Games a few years back cost over $350 dollars. Still seven strategic map sheets (plus about 2 dozen smaller mapsheets for various islands), but counter count was up to roughly 4000, I think. However the rules were "simplified" to remove a lot of the logistics in the original version (by basically using Pacific War's combat system for ground operations). Plus they did an expansion set for something like $50 more bucks that added many more island maps and some more counters. (I actually think that the second edition is not as good as the first one, despite being brought to you with generally higher physical production values.) Now, in my opinion, DG has a nasty tendency to overprice their games, but even so...

(I just did a price check -- they are selling the 2nd edition + expansion pack, for $450 now, which would be $150 in 1980 dollars). Can you imagine trying to come up with $150 for such a game back in the 1970's-'80's? I can't. That would have been like my parents' monthly mortgage payment back then...)
Yikes. That’s more than twice as much as The Longest Day...the most expensive wargame AH produced. Maybe excepting The Pacific War - wasn’t that like $80+ in the mid 80s? My biggest complaint is that the counters in so many modern games are garish - busy and distracting. Just because you can have a zillion colors doesn’t mean you should use them.

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