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Default Re: How to give fatigue points more meaning?

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
Even when I'm nearly falling over from lack of sleep or fatigue, I can still carry nearly my normal weight. Nowhere near 50% loss of strength. So I wouldn't say avoiding such a recalculation is just for ease of play.
I have to say one of the reasons why I like Last gasp is that it's a gradual impairment, rather than fine, fine fine, bam half Mv & ST etc (even if the effects in LG are more wide ranging).

I think the point I'd make is while you might still be capable of maintaining physical performance while tired, it is more tiring to do so than when you are fresh. I.e. you get a positive feed back loop of fatigue going the more you try and keep operating at normal capacity while fatigued.

In LG this is generally shown by penalising HT. HT is used to resist some effects of Fatigue in the long term, and to recover AP short term. But because it's also used to make lifting rolls that might be needed more and more to maintain a carrying a load as BL decreases. (However the way lifting works and FP is used for lifting it's a bit all or nothing here).

Even though LG is more detail it's still a gamable abstraction designed to be above all playable! GURPS + LG is not supposed to be detailed and precise RL simulator for fatigue while carrying loads.
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