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Default "Living City" play or a Road Crew for TFT?

I'm sure you guys have talked about stuff like this for the game but I thought I'd put my suggestion here anyway. I participate in a lot of con play or local store play here in Wisconsin. I would love for a "Living City" type campaign for conventions and store play that folks could participate in a "shared world" type game, like we used to at GenCon when it was still here in Wisconsin. It was neat to be able to take the same character into different games at local conventions and events. I think TFT straddles the board game and RPG line quite well with the widgets and stuff we get to use at the table. I know that we see a lot of groups playing DCC to participate in the Goodman Game's Road Crew events.

Have you guys thought about these sorts of things for the Fantasy Trip? I think it would make it easier for folks to get involved and because Melee and the Wizard work as a "board game" in addition to supporting a full RPG, I think a program might help bridge the two player bases and make it easier for board gamers to find a way into campaign play.

I know you guys are spread thin with employees all doing a lot of work and you have too many projects and too few man hours. I think you guys could use Kickstarter to fund different 'seasons' of these sorts of games. are my two cents.
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