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Default Re: Experience cost for x-hex Creation Spells

I think the 500 XP cost is only balanced for high-point-total characters who already have a full talent set.

I think learning most talents should be doable up to your current IQ in points, at something like 3 months per point for talents (or for spells, the rules in original Advanced Wizard).

As for learning more advanced versions of spells you already know, I would use the original Advanced Wizard system where they do not count towards your IQ capacity, but they do still take the same time/means to learn as explained in Advanced Wizard.

I am still working on finding house rules I like best for learning talents and spells totalling more than IQ, but I think I will be providing means for people to learn some talents in excess of IQ without spending XP, just spending even more time studying. That makes it possible to train low-IQ people with "full IQ" without also having to give them hundreds of XP.
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