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Default Re: Study of Folklore and Magic in Texas and the Gulf Coast

Originally Posted by LokRobster View Post
I ran an IW campaign that was based on Nacogdoches as the center of a trans-dimensional highway ring linking 9 different parallel worlds.

There is evidence of 10,000 years of human habitation there they say... Oldest city in Texas. Seems likely to have some Magic there.

My campaign featured a gate room hidden underneath the “Old Stone Fort” house built in 1790ish by an early Spanish merchant/Lt Governor... the structure fell into ruin in the early 20th century and got moved to local college in the 1920s where it is a museum now, so in some timelines the PCs had to get into the bank that is now on the site where the house used to be.

There’s an RPG i was eyeing a while back about a fictional college of Weirdness, East Texas University. (Savage Worlds, set in ‘Pinebox, TX’) Might have some mineable ideas since it was all kinds of Supernatural, tied as much as possible into the Big Thicket motif.

Thanks for these suggestions, I'll be sure to work the ancient habitation of Nagadoches, at least, into the campaign somehow.
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