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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

This one is designed to haul a heavy cycle (without its driver) well-protected in its trailer.

Luxury (C/A frame), xhvy chassis, hvy susp, sport power w/SCs, 4 solid tires w/HDHTMs. Driver, passenger, 10 CA for crew. 3 linked RRs front w/HESH ammo, RR in turret w/HESH ammo smartlinked to front RRs, extra mag on turret w/HEAT ammo and mag switch. Spoiler, airdam, Xhvy hitch. 16 hubs, 203 armor. HC 3, Acc 10/20, TS 120/80, #6559, $39995. With full trailer Acc 5/10, TS 90/60.
Option: Hires computer, overdrive, HD shocks, HD brakes, antilock brakes, tinted windows, LD radio, explosive hitch, universal turret. +#20, +$9900.
Option: Radar, radar detector, fireproof armor/hubs/CA/tires. +$9170.

6 foot van trailer (C/A frame), xhvy chassis, 2 solid tires. SS front w/hot smoke, laser-reactive web (back) linked to SS. Wheel ramp (just one), 2 fake dropped gas weapons (left,right). 6 hubs, 180 armor. #2149, $8260. Cargo capacity #1211, 11 spaces.
6 foot van trailer (C/A frame), xhvy chassis, 2 solid tires. SS front w/hot smoke, FCE left, FCE right, 2 SMD's under w/blowthru concealment w/radio-detonated TDX mines with proximity fuses. 6 links, radio detonator (for car passenger). #2729, $14760. Cargo capacity #631, 3 spaces.

I've never been fond of 18-wheelers in Car Wars. Trucks were designed back in the pocket box days, and probably deliberately underpowered to make them vulnerable to cycle gangs. I've no doubt they would have been more capable if they were designed later. And ten-wheel trucks aren't so hot either if you want to leave some real cargo capacity. So, I figured I could make a 40-foot bus with a regular truck power plant and an x-hvy hitch that's actually survivable, then put all the cargo in a 30-foot car trailer. Thus was born Thor, the Thunder Bus. I like how evenly it divides: 20 spaces for front weapons, 20 spaces for other weapons, 20 spaces for PP/crew.

40 foot bus (C/A frame), xhvy chassis, regular truck PP w/PCs,SCs, 10 plasticore tires. Driver w/10 CA and vehicular computer, Gunner w/10 CA and hires computer, second Gunner w/10 CA and hires computer. 2 tank guns front w/APFSDS ammo, 2 univ turrets: BC w/HEAT ammo and extra mag front turret smartlinked to BC w/HEAT ammo and extra mag back turret, HDSS w/hot smoke backleft, HDSS w/hot smoke backright, SS w/hot smoke and extra mag backunder, 4 SMD backunder w/blowthru concealments w/radio-det TDX ammo w/proximity fuses. 4 fake sponson turrets with fake BCs (FL, FR, BL, BR). Xhvy quickrelease hitch w/10 hitch armor, overdrive, LD radio, imp fire ext, HD shocks, spoiler, airdam, fake ramplate, 4 links. 66 hubs, 436 armor. #25196, $212220.
Option: replace 2 tankguns with 5 BC.
Option: make the TGs fake, and the four sponson turrets with BCs real. Saves 12 spaces, costs about 18000.
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