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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Luxury, xhvy chassis, std susp, 150cid w/turbo w/10 CA, 4gal duel tank (3.5 gal fuel) w/10 CA, 4 PR tires. Driver w/10 CA and SWC, Gunner w/10 CA and SWC. ATG front (APFSDS ammo) w/10 CA, ATG back (APFSDS ammo) w/10 CA. 20 hubs, 199 armor. HC 1, TS 62.5, Acc 5/10, #6586, $19995.

If you're going to use MnR, you should do it right and use 5 of them! So I made it happen. Note that a smoke rocket is theoretically useful on the underbody even if a regular rocket isn't.

Luxury (sloped), xhvy chassis, hvy susp, 150cid w/turbo w/10 FPCA, full 4gal duel tank w/10 FPCA, 4 plasticore tires. Driver w/10 FPCA and HRSWC. Linked univ turreted HMG w/16 HD and 4 normal ammo each. 5 smoke MnR (F,B,L,R,U) w/10 FPCA around each, 2 PDG (right, left). Spoiler, Airdam, overdrive, 1 link from HMGs to all 5 rockets. 4 fake hubs, 2 fake guards, sloped armor: 31 metal, 47 plastic: F8/0, R7/0, B7/0, L9/20, T0/25, U0/2. HC3, Acc 5/10, TS 62.5, #6599, $29986. Cargo capacity 1 lb, 1/3 space.

The Rattler is a road vehicle; it has 5 HMGs, but it's not meant to do tons of damage. With 4 HMGS locked down and 4 weapon timers, it can drive straight at a car (or even a truck) and run it off the road by dropping its handling status every phase.

Luxury (sloped), xhvy chassis, hvy susp, 150cid w/turbo w/10 CA, full 4gal duel tank w/10 CA, 4 PR tires. Driver w/10 CA. 3 MnR (L,R,B) w/10 CA each, 5 HMGs front w/11 HD ammo each, 4 weapon timers. Spoiler, Airdam, overdrive, 2 links. 175 sloped armor. HC 3, Acc 5/10 (or 2.5/5), TS 62.5 (or 82.5), #6599, $29985.

Then I made a division 30 ramcar. Being over 12000 lbs, it does triple damage in a collision. The one gallon gas tank is kinda sad though.

Pickup (sloped/streamlined), xhvy chassis, hvy susp, 200cid (back) with turbo and supercharger w/10 CA, full 1gal duel tank w/10 CA, 2 solid tires w/fake hubs, 4 PR tires w/4 fake hubs and 4 fake guards. Driver w/10 CA. Xhvy hitch (3dp) w/9 laser-reflective hitch armor, spoiler, airdam, rollcage, ramplate. Sloped armor: 54 LR metal, 24 regular plastic: F20/4(RP), L11/4, R11/4, B12/4, T0/4, U0/4. HC 3, Accel 15/20, TS 80, #7798, $25797. Cargo capacity #2, 9 spaces.
Six foot flatbed car trailer, xhvy chassis (4dp tongue), 2 PR tires, 2 fake hubs, 2 fake guards. DSP under, 4 full JD in weapons box. 2 metal armor under; 112 metal armor on weapons box. #4224, $4003.
Together: Accel 10/15, TS 65, #12022, $29800.

Here's one that can fire up to 24 AP rockets per turn at a single target.

Luxury, xhvy chassis, hvy susp, 150cid w/turbo, full 4gal duel tank, 4 solid tires. Driver w/body armor, PFE, and SWC, Gunner w/body armor and SWC. Linked VFRP front, linked VFRP left, 4 linked foam disch (T,T,U,U). All VFRP have twenty armor piercing and ten normal ammo each. 10 hubs, 199 armor. HC 3, TS 62.5, Acc 5/10, #6599, $29975.

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