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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

I really like the progression on those cycles. They have distinctly different audiences, from long range chipper to up-close slugger. I'd drive any of them, but would try to add a spoiler to the "Double Diamond".
I'll assume the "Dingo" does not have Plat Cats.
The "Rhino" desperately needs to weigh over 4000.
The "Blazer" is interesting. Is it just me or does this look an awful lot like the Batmobile? I'd probably add rotary magazines. But I don't think the radial tires are allowed to raise HC above 3.

Ok, my turn then. I designed a modern update to Wild Bill's Wallet Beater with zero armor. And when you have no armor, you can slope it and add a ramplate for free! Ok, some people think that's an exploit... so I've included a different version. Imagine how you'd feel entering a div 5 duel with a subcompact and facing a luxury car with 10 accel, a metal ramplate, two flamethrowers, and a gunner.

Sizzler Deluxe
Luxury (sloped), Light chassis, Light suspension, Medium PP, 4 HD tires. Driver w/10 CA. Incendiary HR front w/10 CA, SD w/Incendiary spikes back w/10 CA, FT left w/10 CA, FT right w/10 CA, 1 link (FTs to SD), Ramplate. 0 sloped armor. $4998, #4199, HC 1, TS 90, Acc 5.

Sizzler Dry
Luxury, Light chassis, Light suspension, Medium PP w/PCs, 4 HD tires w/HTMs. Driver w/10 CA, Gunner w/10 CA. LR front w/10 CA, LR back w/10 CA, FT left (9 ammo) w/10 CA, FT right (9 ammo) w/10 CA, Ramplate. Metal armor: F2,L0,R0,B0,T0,U0. HC 1, TS 90/67.5 w/HTMs, Acc 5/10 w/HTMs, #4354, $4998.
Option: Remove gunner's CA, change front LR to HR and back LR to JD w/2 ammo.

Here's the Spitfire from Combat Showcase all decked out for div5.

Spitfire 5
Subcompact; Hvy chassis, Hvy susp, Small PP w/PCs, 4 HD tires w/HTMs, Driver w/body armor. RL w/incendiary ammo front, fake ramplate. 4 fake hubs, 2 fake wg, 71 armor. HC 4, TS 90/67.5, Acc 5/10, #2511, $4998.

Here's an upgrade to the Yellowjacket from VG1

Yellowjacket Plus
Subcompact, hvy chassis, light susp, small PP w/PCs, 4 HD tires. Driver w/body armor. Laser left. 4 fake wg, 4 fake hubs, 44 armor. HC 2, TS 90, Acc 5, #2503, $10000.
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