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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Here is one of the D5 Cars we use.

"The Challenger" by Shotgun Jolly

A good basic car that gets the job done. With its twin linked light MGS front, it can start to whittle down its targets almost right away. Just start to open fire, the combined 40 rounds of ammo will do you plenty of good. We even throw in a Flak Jacket for added comfort. :)

Subcompact; Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; Small PP; 4 Standard tires. Driver w/Flak Jacket. 2xLight Machine Gun w/40xStandard Linked and in Front. 52 pts. Plastic (F: 14 R: 12 L: 12 B: 10 T: 1 U: 3); 2x3 pt. Plastic Hubs F; 2x3 pt. Plastic Hubs F. Cost: $4,992, Wgt: 2,383, HC: 4, Top Speed: 90, Accel: 5.

And here is one more..

"Rhino" by Shotgun Jolly:

This Car is a real beast. Once it gains speed, look out its gonna plow through anything in its way. 100% pure ram car, packed on with as much heavy metal armor it can handle.

Compact; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; Medium PP; 4 Hvy Duty tires. Driver w/Body Armor. Junk Dropper w/10xDebris on the rear,W/ one extra Mag (10). Ramplate F. 31 pts. Metal and 19 pts. Plastic (F: 10/5 R: 6/4 L: 6/4 B: 5/4 T: 2/1 U: 2/1). Cost: $4,990, Wgt: 3,819, HC: 3, Top Speed: 95, Accel: 5.
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