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Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
But what about dwarves? What makes dwarves unique in your universe? How did they come to be? What defines them? How are they different from "short humans, lives underground, likes gold, gruff, Scottish accent"?
My dwarves almost always have German accent =) or speak fairly incomprehensible pig-German.

I've dwarves in the past that were miners, but absolutely did not live underground: as miners, they were tragically aware of the consequences of tunnels collapsing, and they wanted no part of that in their homes.

I've also used dwarves that are not born, but carved from stone and magically painted to imbue them with life. I'm especially fond of this variant, because it explains why there are so many variations in what a dwarf can look like: each sculptor can create his or her own child, and give them long arms or wide torsos or whatever. I think I borrowed this idea from the Arcanum video game, but I can't find a reference on their wiki.

Finally, my dwarves physically are based on Joel Rosenberg's version: 6' tall men with 2' chopped off their legs. This gives them proportions more like gorillas than humans, with long torsos and arms for their height and short legs.
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