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Default Re: [House Rules] Crakkerjakk's Reduced Skill List

@Ze'manel Cunha: you have saved me so much typing.

@ Crakkerjak: nice ideas. [except Fishing Sewing Parachute and Typing*:)]
Don't think I'd go with most of the folded skills but Business and Social Sciences, yes.
Particularly like the optional de-specialisation, something I'd be happy to use, eg Fencing DX/H.

*I was a 25wpm touch-typist and failed to get a job in a typing pool - too slow. Darned if I'll call that a Hobby but I'd allow Hobby Skill - Typing, or Sewing, etc and make it clear that the Professional version was different. So yes, dropping those skills and making them available as either Hobby or Professional versions is a good idea:)
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