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Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
For dice with a single decorated face, I believe US convention is that the decoration replaces the 6; European is that it replaces the 1. (Maybe the other way round.) For this reason I don't have dice like that; I want to read them quickly without picking them up and looking at the bottom face to check.
I'm not sure what the convention is, but I definitely have some dice with the symbol on the 6 and others with it on the 1. It is sometimes confusing, I'll grant you, but usually only the first time I play with the dice after a while, and checking before I roll is usually enough to keep me straight during play. I'd never mix dice with the two different conventions, as that would definitely confuse me during play.

Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
(Several of the ones johndallman had made used custom pips elements of a flag, skull and crossbones, etc. and that works very well.)
I have some of that type, as well. I like the potential extra flavor they can offer so long as they stay clear and readable. Most of the ones I have are newer to me, and I haven't played with them yet.
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