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I have a bunch of those double-six dice as well, although I don't have enough issue with regular d6 to have prompted me to use them.

I really like that I have enough various d6 that I can often customize the ones I'm using to have colors/designs to match what I'm doing. Although I really dislike 'fancy' d6 that have designs all over the various faces, as they're much harder to read the actual face value. I like pips, but love skulls or dragons or whatever for a single face.

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Makes sense. How about triple d4s, then?
I don't have triples, but I do have and use double-fours (d4s that are d8s numbered 1-4 twice) for my magic missiles in the D&D game I'm in. Highly preferable to me over the standard shape, and more pleasant to try and roll.
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