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Default Re: Training Replacements for PC's

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
In fact, if one were playing from a metagaming point of view and wasn't attached to their character, it'd be quite an ability to be able to swtich to an equally-powerful character of a completely different design.
And this is a problem because?

If you are tired of playing this character and want to change to another one, why *shouldn't* you be able to do that without taking a huge point loss? And if the reason you are tired of this character is the kind of scenes he's good in are getting boring, a mechanic that makes the new character an actual trainee of the old one, who is going to be good at the same sorts of things, is exactly what you don't want.

I really do think most of these sorts of rules stem from thinking about points as a scoring system rather than a tool to help ensure nobody monopolizes all the fun scenes.
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