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Default Re: Training Replacements for PC's

It depends on what you and your players want. I can imagine some players thinking your system is really nice.

Personally, I prefer to have character abilities based more on consistent cause and effect, rather than game balance. And personally I'm disinterested in trying to artificially have PCs all have the same point costs for the sake of evenness or balance. It seems to me to add a cause which has little or no reason in the game world. It also seems to me to undercut and remove the benefit from the players' efforts to improve themselves and to keep their improved characters alive and unmaimed, if getting oneself killed results in little or no loss, and even lets you design a whole new character at your current point total.

In fact, if one were playing from a metagaming point of view and wasn't attached to their character, it'd be quite an ability to be able to swtich to an equally-powerful character of a completely different design. Moreover, if a player can do that by dying, then it also means they get to do a suicide attack with one powerful character, and then get replaced by an equally good replacement. e.g.:

OOPS - I clicked someplace and the web site had me submit this before it was complete - see my edited & finished version below:

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