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Default Re: Training Replacements for PC's

Originally Posted by VariousRen View Post
Players are able to designate either a known NPC or create a new NPC as their replacement. By default these replacements don't travel with the party, or provide any benefit other than reassurance that someone will take over if you die.
The fundamental problem with all these kinds of rules is what if I don't? Suppose I refuse to designate and spend points on such a successor. When my character dies, you do what? Kick me out of the group? Let me play a character so much weaker than everyone else that I'm doomed? And when that one dies next session, an even weaker character in the following one, repeat until my incompetence starts getting everybody else killed too and lowers the campaign point total?.

I think it's one of those things that seems like a good idea when you are considering your RPG a game that can be "won" or "lost" and think points are for keeping "score", but that's a dangerous viewpoint that tends to kill games (and gaming groups).
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