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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Interspecies Relations of Humaniti with Aslan Vassals:

Despite the stereotype among racists of the "hairy peril" and the real life aggressive tendencies of Aslan, not all are immigrants are unwelcome. They are often very useful for security needs and for such things as settling sparse lands particularly those amenable to food production. Relations between Humaniti and Aslan can be tricky however and have many subtleties.

One of the needs of relations is cultural. While it is hardly unknown for Aslan to fully go native among humans it is more common for them to retain elements of their traditions, often strong elements. This is not wholly to the bad, humans being after all not completely unsympathetic to a philosophy that involves such strong emphasis on headcracking. Nonetheless arrangements have to be made. Stephenshold has one of the best arrangements: Aslan usually choose someone known for skill at arms and political talent and as every Ko is a member of the Electors they can depend on choosing a Rajah to their liking. The feudal system of the Imperium is also to their liking especially if their interface between the Emperor and themselves is a warlike noble. A similar dynamic features in the Principality of Caledonia. Despite their fame for employing Aslan, the Darrians have some troubles in that department having a philosophy centered around intellect rather than warfare and land. Nevertheless there are ways to relate such as choosing nobles who are sympathetic to Aslan ways. There is also a point of contact in the fact that Darrians have a belief in conserving natural resources which many Aslan with their pastoral heritage, are not unsympathetic toward.

Despite the stereotype, piety as humans know it is not unknown among Aslan. Usually they tend to regard religion as an extension of feudalism/tribalism. The religion their lord adheres to is the liege of their liege and they tend to give the same regard to it as they would to an Aslan paramount Ko. They also naturally prefer religions compatible to traditional Aslan philosophies if they adopt human religion. Sikhism is a popular choice but in Caledonia most Aslan are Reconciliationists as not by chance are most Princes. The array of Saints pleases them because they associate that with ancestor veneration, while the bloodthirsty tales of religious wars on old Terra pleases them no end.

Other adaptations between Humans and Aslan are many. On Stephenshold, it is for instance the duty of the local Count (head of a military district appointed by the Rajah) to arrange for the supervision of duels either by personally serving as referee or appointing a deputy. The Rajah keeps a wide series of rewards for achievement, like jewelry, decorated weapons and survival equipment, invitations to a feast or athletic display or so forth. Land is however seldom directly granted at an individual level by the Rajah lest the authority of the Kos be threatened. The reciting of epics is quite common in many courts with Aslan visitors; both Humans and Aslan have similar tastes in that department. One odd problem is the distinction between omnivorous humans, and carnivorous Aslan. Many Aslan for instance do not get a taste for human alcohol which is usually plant based.

Adaptations for games are obvious. A PC might find himself for whatever reason lord of an estate with a number of Aslan, commander of a unit with Aslan personal, etc. There are all sorts of possibilities for "Lawrence of Arabia" like social challenges.
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