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Caledonian College of Heralds:

This is a committee constructed by the Caledonian House of Lords based on powers granted it under the Second Constitution. It deals with matters involving coats of arms, trademarks, patents, corporate names, etc. It also deals with the naming of warships and the giving of military honors.

In Caledonia, honor is a serious business and no mere politician is to be allowed to pollute it for reasons of their own calling. To grant peer representation, the College of Heralds is composed of spokespeople from each legally registered guild (the military counts as a guild for this purpose) as well as a chief-at-arms chosen by the House of Lords. The Chief-at-arms always has a noble title: if a commoner before he is given a (usually non-heritable) title. At the present time it is common for the Chief at arms to be an adopted Derbsman/Derbswoman of the Prince which gives rise to the colloquialism "Prince of Caladonia's Own College of Heralds (never used officially lest monarchial usurpation be implied). In practice the Lords leave much of the matter of administration to the chief-at-arms but the real business is conducted effectively by peer review and candidates for honors are intended have to face the opinion of fellows of their profession.

Each guild member is required to have a minimum status in their respective vocation to even be selected as a candidate. Candidates are selected by popular vote of all guild members or almost all: whether or not apprentice equivalents vote varies. Each guild chooses recommendations for honors as well as for knighthood or more rarely ennoblement. Final selection is at the discretion of the House of Lords (as per the Second Constitution) and ceremonially bestowed by the Chief-at-arms or his deputy.

The College of Heralds is carefully organized to distribute rewards in a way that respects their sanctity and of all the institutions of Caledonian government is one of the most respected.
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