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Default Re: Fantasy Setting for GURPS

Originally Posted by Turhan's Bey Company View Post
For people who are complaining about lack of settings/adventures/whatever, how high is that barrier to start playing?
1) A stripped down rulebook focusing on the options needed to play generic fantasy.

2) A Keep on the Borderlands chapter/module bundled with #1 that has

a) a town with associated plot and NPCs
b) a surrounding wilderness with locales
c) a Dungeon site fleshed out with 3 to 5 levels
d) two more adventure sites fleshed out

3) A Monster Manual bundled with #1 with GURPS version of the classic D&D monsters (at least those that can be legally used)

4) A standalone GURPS Fantasy Adventure for experienced characters that can be used as a follow up for #2

5) A standalone GURPS Fantasy Adventure that is an epic adventure for high point fantasy characters that can be used as a followup for #3.

While it is good that we have Dungeon Fantasy. The stripped down fantasy rules should be for the standard 150 pt GURPS Fantasy as outlined in the various editions. It should focus on showing how people can make the character they want simply and quickly. How to use the more realistic GURPS Combat system with traditional fantasy tropes.

These five products should be enough.

If only one product could be had I would say #2 the Keep on the Borderland style module. If two then #2 the Keep module, and #3 the Monster Manual.

Rinse and repeat for Space, and Horror. Then for any other major genre.
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