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Originally Posted by combatmedic View Post
I'm not really sure what people mean when they complain ''GURPS doesn't have a fantasy setting other than Yrth.'' GURPS has many other fantasy settings: Mad Lands, and several worked examples of historical fantasy:Celtic Myth, Rome, Vikings, Robin Hood, Camelot, etc. It also has GURPS Myth, GURPS Goblins, Bunnies & Burrows,etc.
Right! There's also Technomancer, Castle Falkenstein, Dungeon Fantasy (which doesn't need more of a setting than "here's a's a dungeon-like cave, here's another's a town), Voodoo, Cabal, Thaumatology: Age of Gold, New Sun--you might even count Planet Krishna and Planet of Adventure.

I'm probably missing stuff.

Why do people complain? Well...I've often people get ideas in their head, not check the facts, and then just operate as if their erroneous thoughts are true. "Everybody knows" there is no fantasy setting but they just accept that without checking for themself. Like in another thread where someone was complaining that Dungeon Fantasy has not been released in dead tree version...and that only if it were SJGames would be doing much better financially...and how dumb SJGames is for not releasing dead tree Dungeon Fantasy. Someone then pointed out that actually...Dungeon Fantasy has been released in dead tree.

People have preconceived notions. They have preconceived notions about what Yrth is like in play, they have preconceived notions about what GURPS as like as a system...many people just don't care to clear up those preconceived notions.
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