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Default Re: [Spaceships] Missile shield vs. ramming: two questions

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
When I ask what rules you used, I mean how did you actually resolve this? Because there are definitely some differences in opinion on what the Spaceships rules are, and even more so how you should employ them. Are you rolling the entire missile battery as one attack, or rolling one attack per missile? You can do either by the book, if you've got enough gunners. What about the point defense battery?
Attacks were rolled as a volley both for the attacking missiles and the defending PD. I believe this to be the norm for 4th ed and the author of Spaceships and the co-author of 4e did not correct my procedure(though he did catch other problems in my detailed reports). It appeared to be what was used by everyone else as well.

I just don't see this "roll every missile" imperative. It's more simulationist but 4e has gone against simulationism in ranged combat in general and Spaceships in particular is a fast and simple combat system.
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