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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#39): Daredevil, Luck, Super Luck

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In the games I run luck is a very uncommon advantage for PCs, however I am playing with having luck(incoming damage rolls only) as an advantage for "tough" characters.
I actually rather like Aspected forms of the luck and luck-like advantages for that sort of thing, a way for a character to be good when it counts at something they really are supposed to be skilled at, without running up skill levels so much they're amazing under less stressed conditions.

Incidentally, I class Serendipity, prebought successes and impulse buys in with luck like advantages. For those of you that don't like Luck, do you feel the same about impulse buys? The mechanic is much the same after all, spend a meta-game resource and things go better for you for no in-world reason.
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