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Default Re: GURPS 3e & 4e Metal Gear Solid

I'd treat the warhead as a guided bomb.

Nukes in 3rd ed can be stated like this:

Weight of a TL 8 warhead is (0.25×Warhead yield in kilotons) +2 lbs. Cost is $6,000 × (5+LOG( Warhead yield in kilotons)), then divide this total in half for a TL 8 warhead.

Nuke damage is 6d× 2,000,000 × Warhead yield in kilotons. Half damage every 2^(6+LOG(warhead weight in kilotons)) yards.

These rules were left out of the Vehicles rules for some reason and the only reason I know of them is thanks to forum user MALloyd publishing his play test notes on the web many moons ago heh.
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