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Default Detailed list of Munchkin Quest components?

I made out like a bandit this Tabletop Day. My FLGS was selling old Demo copies of games for dirt cheap. I picked up several of them, among them a copy of Munchkin Quest they were selling for $10, which, to my amazement, I found also contained MQ2, Portal Combat, promo cards, bookmarks, coasters, bridge troll promos, even a coin. On closer examination I discovered that they must have also tossed in a set of spare parts, as there are many duplicate rooms and monsters, and far more links, gold and other stuff than the component lists specify. The only thing missing is a couple of the portal links from Portal Combat. I'd like to be able to set aside extras and only play with what is supposed to be in a set, but I can't find a detailed list of what kinds of links and gold should be included, just an overall quantity.
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