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Default Re: Should all spells be equally easy to learn?

Originally Posted by John Brinegar View Post
I should also go on record as opposing changes to spell learning costs. The ease of learning spells is counterbalanced by the costs and difficulties of casting them. Once you have a talent, it works at no ST cost, and most talents don't involve a roll for success. Every time a wizard tries to cast a spell, she pays an ST cost and must roll to see if it succeeds.
Hmm, while that's technically true about talents in general, most spells are combat-related and most combat-related talents enable you to use weapons and they do require a roll to use.

Weapons have no ST cost but spells are a lot more versatile. Also, ranged weapons consume ammunition which, although not the same as ST, is also a limited resource.

Another point on your side of the argument, though, might be that talent costs don't increase with IQ, so spells shouldn't either.
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