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Default Re: Should all spells be equally easy to learn?

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
Turning to the original question; I could see varying the XP cost to learn a new spell by the IQ. Given the "100 XP" cost currently being described, I would suggest something along the lines of "10 XP x IQ level of the spell" -- that is, an IQ 8 Spell would cost 80 XP to learn, and an IQ 20 Spell would cost 200 XP to learn. Given that higher IQ spells are both more complex and have greater effects, this seems like a good compromise in spell learning.

Naturally, for non-Wizard types, the cost would still be three times as high (i.e., 240 XP for that level 8 Spell, and 600 XP for that level 20 Spell).
I think this is en excellent idea. It works for the many reasons stated above in this thread. keeps things simple. What I like about your take on things JLV is you "cut to the chase", and find a simple solution to a potential problem. There has been some really good ideas in this forum that fixes the few problems that TFT had. Anyway nice job...
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