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Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Kind of. I've been wanting to create at least one official town for Dungeon Fantasy with or without "GURPS" in front for ages. I found the opening to do so just recently, but the fully formed supplement didn't just spring into my head overnight . . . the possibility of supporting the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game with something like this was the creative seed.
And of course, Caverntown was the model for "Town" that I used when I wrote up an explicitly Dungeon Fantasy RPG town for Hall of Judgment. Isfjall ("Ice Mountain") is 20 pages of a 128-page book. There's plenty of meat on them-there bones for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG in-town adventures (something that Mike Mearls even asked for in the DFRPG Kickstarter! Yes, THAT Mike Mearls.) as well.
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